Why in-store shopping apps are becoming indispensable?

In our increasingly digital world, the integration of technology into everyday life is no longer a novelty but a necessity. This shift is vividly apparent in the retail industry, where mobile technology is changing the shopping experience. Research by Retail Dive reports that 63% of consumers prefer stores that offer

The Click & Collect app that alleviates retailers’ concerns about this servic...

In a rapidly changing retail landscape, the adoption of Click & Collect services has become increasingly popular among retailers. However, there are still some who resist embracing this service due to various challenges they face. But fear not, because StoreGeni has developed an app that addresses each of these concerns,

What are the latest trends driving mobile commerce ?

Mobile commerce, or m-commerce, has been steadily increasing in recent years in the UK. According to some research from PwC, more than 50% of UK consumers say they have used a mobile payment app / mobile wallet at least once. Another trend has been the rise of Augmented Reality: (AR)

Loyalty Programs: A Win-Win for every retailers and customers

A loyalty program, with its diverse array of offerings, shares a common objective: To entice customers to return to your store time and again. The benefits it bestows upon your retail business are manifold and far-reaching, ensuring a win-win scenario for both you and your customers. First and foremost, a

A loyalty programme is a smart investment for small to medium retailers

In today’s competitive retail landscape, small to medium-sized retailers face numerous challenges to attract and retain customers. One effective strategy that has proven successful for businesses of all sizes is implementing a loyalty programme. By offering customers incentives and rewards, retailers can foster long-term relationships, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately

StoreGeni is shortlisted for the Innovation Trail & Awards of the 2023 Retail Techn...

We are thrilled to announce that we have been shortlisted for the Innovation Trail & Awards of the Retail Technology Show. Our mobile apps have been recognized by an independent panel of judges, consisting of members from the RTS retail advisory board and industry experts. This achievement is a testament

The sustainable store of the future

As shoppers slowly head back to brick-and-mortar stores, new habits and new expectations for what true omnichannel is all about are taking centre stage. Retailers that survived a year of baptism by fire are gearing up for commerce in 2021 and beyond by altering physical store layouts, providing customer-centric convenience

The ‘phygital’ shopping experience

The seemingly unstoppable rise of e-commerce, sophisticated customer analytics, personalized sounds and smells, digital mannequins that “know” your clothing preferences, automated home delivery—these are just some of the elements that will shape the shopping experience in the coming years.

Great retailers, in the future, will make you feel like you’re in a special place

There are two ways that 2030 could play out for a retailer. One is, “We’re just going to keep iterating with all of this incredible new technology.” On that path, the retailer gets stuck on iterative investments and incremental designs that build on the past,

Cracking the case of missing retail revenue: Brick-and-mortar after COVID-19

With 2020 behind us, brands have gathered facts, analysed clues, and identified key suspects. Now, with suspense filling the air, they’re ready to present their case for a more resilient growth strategy for 2021 and beyond.