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StoreGeni benefits both retailers & customers

The pandemic prompted many people to shop online, but they soon discovered its limitations such as delays, damaged goods, and wrong products. They missed the in-store experience, despite occasional frustrations like missing products, unavailable staff, and long checkout queues.

StoreGeni merges physical and digital touchpoints, enhancing the shopping experience by offering personalized, dynamic, and interactive services. Its advanced solutions provide customers with a hassle-free and engaging journey, when they shop in-store.

StoreGeni combines technology and data to offer customers personalized services and recommendations, creating an interactive shopping experience. Shoppers can access, in-store, various digital services for a smoother and more convenient shopping journey.

StoreGeni’s advanced technology offers a personalized shopping experience through dynamic digital displays, interactive engagement, and location-based marketing. Customers can access customized product recommendations, peer reviews, and other tailored services, along with exclusive promotional offers. Get ready for a revolutionary shopping experience with StoreGeni!

StoreGeni not only offers customers a personalized shopping experience but also provides valuable insights into customer behavior, enabling retailers to make data-driven decisions, better target customers and create customized experiences. Stay ahead of the game with StoreGeni!

Phygital retail combines physical and digital shopping to provide faster, more efficient customer service. With access to digital tools and customer data, in-store staff can quickly answer any customer queries, providing the ultimate customer service.

Phygital retail combines the convenience of digital tools with the joy of visiting a physical store, making it the future of shopping. Our solutions optimize store operations, pricing, and inventory management, resulting in positive impacts on sales, customer service, and customer loyalty for retailers.

A cutting-edge technology to delight retailers

StoreGeni technology is designed for any store format and customer volume. It’s easy and quick to integrate with any of your existing systems (ERP, CRM, POS etc.) and it requires absolutely no new hardware.

Our checkout-free shopping technology enhances your customers’ convenience and speed.

With StoreGeni, you can provide your customers valuable information, such as exclusive promotions, personalized offers, cross-selling recommendations, detailed product information, and customer reviews. This accelerates conversion and increases customer loyalty, providing the ultimate shopping experience that sets you apart from competitors.

StoreGeni technology offers real-time analytics for in-store performance, leveraging  zero & first party data gathered directly from customers using the StoreGeni app while shopping.

The zero-party data provides information that customers intentionally share with your business, such as preferences and needs while first-party data collects through interactions with the app, information such as purchase histories, in-store durations, product preferences, and customer satisfaction, which can enhance customer retention strategies by tailoring experiences.

Both type of data are valuable, especially as businesses transition away from relying on third-party cookies for data collection. StoreGeni equips you with tools to harness these data types so you now have access to e-commerce-level capabilities.

Quick & easy integration with your current systems

Our solutions have been developed to integrate seamlessly with all your existing ERP, CRM, PoS and reporting suites. They’ve been developed using cloud computing architecture and offer plug & play APIs to minimise implementation and maintenance costs, as well as to offer greater usability, accessibility, security and data protection.

For in-person payments we chose to partner with Stripe. Their platform is designed to maximise conversion at every step of the payment flow and reduce fraud using machine learning. Stripe is trusted by many leading British retailers.

Our mobile platform comes with a convenient dashboard which allows any floor staff access to real-time store KPIs.


The in-store experience of the future

Our solutions are designed to offer customers a better in-store experience by reducing any possible frictions (queue at check out, not finding an item, missing out a promotion) and by adding value to this experience by offering, via a mobile app, services normally offered by a personal shopper.

Our solutions are designed to offer customers a better in-store experience by reducing friction (queue at check out, being unable to find an item, missing out on a promotion or special offer, etc) adding value to the customer experience by offering the services normally provided by a personal shopper, via a mobile app.