StoreGeni was born out of the frustration of London high street shopping on the weekend. Haven't we all experienced endless queues at the check out, or been unable to find any shop staff to help us locate an item somewhere in the store, or to answer questions about a product? We've all had that ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ feeling while shopping too, a feeling you are less likely to have while shopping online because it's so quick & easy to access online product information, customer reviews, and find out about any ongoing promotions.

All these problems led Girish & Deepthi to start thinking about ways to bring the best aspects of ‘physical shopping’ and ‘digital shopping’ together. Their idea was to develop an app which plays the role of a personal shopper and enhances customer in-store experience.

With the surge in popularity of online shopping as a result of covid-19, the idea of developing a mobile platform which could bring all the convenience of digital shopping onto the shop floor grew even stronger in the minds of Deepthi & Girish. Moreover, aside from a few Scan & Pay mobile applications, there wasn’t anything on the market both scalable & able to benefit both the retailers and the customers.

With their strong background in developing technology-based solutions designed to maximise business efficiency and reduce operational costs, as well as hands-on experience in developing cutting edge customer-facing applications for retail businesses like Sainsbury’s, Specsavers and Virgin Money, Deepthi and Girish were well placed to create, define and lead the development of StoreGeni, a unique ‘phygital’ mobile retail platform which brings the power of digital solutions to brick & mortar stores to make the in-store customer experience simpler, smarter, swifter and safer as well as creating value for the retailers by collecting first party data.

Girish is the CEO of DGPay Technologies, the organisation behind StoreGeni. Deepthi is the CTO. They work closely with a team of mobile app developers and retail & marketing specialists. StoreGeni operates on both the iOS and Android operating systems and uses cloud computing architecture as well as offering plug & play API's for easy integration with retailers’ existing management systems (ERP, CRM, PoS, EAS, etc).