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StoreGeni benefits both retailers & customers

Take advantage of the future of in-store technology so you can better compete with e-commerce in a post covid-19 world. Claim your Free trial today! Our mobile platform offers superior in-store experiences, improved customer engagement and will positively impact your bottom line.

Core benefits to retailers
Core benefits to retailers

- Quick & easy integration with your current systems
- Dashboard with access to real-time store KPIs
- Increase your customers’ basket value
- Reduced operating costs
- Loss prevention
- Get to know your customers better

Core benefits to customers
Core benefits to customers

- Increased customer satisfaction
- Intuitive app
- Improved in-store experience
- Access to real-time information
- Convenience

A StoreGeni for every retailer

Whether you have one store or several, and no matter the vertical market you are operating in
(food, clothing, footwear, homeware, duty free stores, DIY gardening, home appliances &
electrical, health & beauty, books, music & media, sporting goods, jewellery or department stores),  

you can just simply choose one of our four solutions to provide an added value to your customers
and to have an overall positive impact on your business.

StoreGeni Standard
StoreGeni Standard

Designed for retailers with one or two stores which have footfall lower than 200 customers per day. If you have limited shop floor staff, StoreGeni Standard is the ideal extra resource you need to boost your revenue.

StoreGeni Plus
StoreGeni Plus

Designed for retailers with less than 20 stores which have footfall of around 200 customers per day. StoreGeni Plus is an ideal extra resource to complement your existing shop floor staff thereby improving your customers’ shopping experience and increasing their basket value.

StoreGeni Maxi
StoreGeni Maxi

Designed for retailers with more than 50 stores which have footfall above 200 customers per day and daily revenue of around £5k each. StoreGeni Maxi can offer your customers the same services as a personal shopper, without the operational costs normally associated with this level of services.

StoreGeni Custom-made
StoreGeni Custom-made

Designed especially for you & your business to meet all your requirements, we will work closely alongside you to ensure your custom StoreGeni is made to your exact specifications. It offers all the core functionalities of the other solutions and will integrate seamlessly with all your current management platforms to maximise your revenue at store and greatly improve customer engagement.

Quick & easy integration with your current systems

Our solutions have been developed to integrate seamlessly with all your existing ERP, CRM, PoS and reporting suites. They’ve been developed using cloud computing architecture and offer plug & play APIs to minimise implementation and maintenance costs, as well as to offer greater usability, accessibility, security and data protection.

For in-person payments we chose to partner with Stripe. Their platform is designed to maximise conversion at every step of the payment flow and reduce fraud using machine learning. Stripe is trusted by many leading British retailers.

Our mobile platform comes with a convenient dashboard which allows any floor staff access to real-time store KPIs.


The in-store experience of the future

Our solutions are designed to offer customers a better in-store experience by reducing any possible frictions (queue at check out, not finding an item, missing out a promotion) and by adding value to this experience by offering, via a mobile app, services normally offered by a personal shopper.

Our solutions are designed to offer customers a better in-store experience by reducing friction (queue at check out, being unable to find an item, missing out on a promotion or special offer, etc) adding value to the customer experience by offering the services normally provided by a personal shopper, via a mobile app.

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