Elevate your shopping experience with Click & Collect by StoreGeni and NIQ Brandbank

The future of online shopping is here, where convenience meets cutting-edge technology.
We’re excited to introduce the enhanced Click & Collect service by StoreGeni,
now supercharged with the power of NIQ Brandbank’s exceptional digital product content​​​​.

Your personalised online store at a click.

Imagine accessing a world where every product detail is at your fingertips. With Click & Collect by StoreGeni, this is now a reality. Our collaboration with NIQ Brandbank provides a strategic edge, offering up-to-date, comprehensive product information that empowers you to make informed decisions effortlessly. Experience the fusion of convenience and smart shopping, as we bring the most intricate product details to your screen, ensuring that what you see online is exactly what you get in-store​​​​.

Retail revolutionised – Affordability meets Speed.

For retailers, this partnership is a game-changer. Offering a competitive solution that starts at less than £1 per day, even small-scale businesses can now provide rich, detailed product data, leveling the e-commerce playing field. The rapid implementation transforms months into weeks, allowing for swift market entry and ensuring that every retailer can provide a top-notch online shopping experience. With Click & Collect by StoreGeni and NIQ Brandbank, be ready to embrace a surge in customer engagement and a spike in conversion rates​​​​.