Although a vast majority of convenience store owners are keen to adopt a click & collect services, there are several factors that may contribute to some store owners’ hesitancy.

1. Complexity of implementation: Setting up a click & collect system could be complex, especially for smaller stores. It often requires an up-to-date inventory system and website, both of which require an initial investment of time and money.

2. Operational challenges: Once set up, maintaining the system could present ongoing challenges. For instance, the store may need to hire additional staff or retrain current staff to manage online orders and in-store pick-ups.

3. Cost of service: The costs associated with setting up and maintaining a click & collect service could be high, particularly for small, independently-owned convenience stores. These could include costs related to technology, staff, and potentially even delivery if the service expands to include that.

4. Lack of demand: Some store owners might not see immediately a high demand for this service in their local community.

5. Preference for personal interaction: Convenience store owners may appreciate the personal interaction they have with their customers. Click & collect services, by their nature, limit this interaction.

6. Inventory control issues: Convenience stores typically carry a wide variety of products but might not have large quantities of each. This could make real-time inventory management a challenge.

7. Competing with major retailers: As major retailers have more resources to provide robust click & collect services, including technical support and advertising, independently-owned convenience stores feel that It could be difficult to compete.

8. Change resistance: Finally, some store owners may simply be resistant to change, particularly if they’ve been running their business successfully without a click & collect service for many years.

StoreGeni’s ‘Click & Collect’ service offers an innovative solution to many of these obstacles, making it easy for convenience store owners to transition into the digital age.

One of the key advantages is its hassle-free implementation. Click & Collect by StoreGeni requires no new hardware and is capable of seamlessly integrating with all existing Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, mitigating any complexity or operational challenges. The solution is specifically designed to accommodate the diverse inventory often found in convenience stores, effectively addressing real-time inventory management issues. Moreover, StoreGeni’s solution is affordable for businesses of all sizes, with running costs of less than £1 per day.

It also includes features that enable and enhance customer interaction, preserving the personal touch that many store owners value. With Click & Collect by StoreGeni, small stores can now offer click & collect services that compete with those of major retailers, thereby enhancing customer convenience and potentially attracting a new customer base.

StoreGeni represents a low-risk, high-reward opportunity to trial a click & collect service in a convenience store setting.