Explore retailers’ insightful rankings of StoreGeni app features

Discover the transformative power of StoreGeni, a comprehensive retail management app that’s been highly praised by retailers for its wide range of features. Here’s how they rank the benefits: 1. Ease of Integration with Existing Systems: StoreGeni easily and quickly integrates with your existing systems (ERP, CRM, POS, etc.) without

How to maximise your retail business with Click & Collect services

In today’s dynamic retail environment, your Click and Collect service could be the key to unlocking exponential growth in your business. To effectively harness this potential, we’ve highlighted the key steps you’ll need to implement: 1. Streamlined Inventory Management: Keep disappointment at bay with real-time inventory updates. This not only

Debunking Click & Collect challenges: StoreGeni’s Click & Collect seamle...

Although a vast majority of convenience store owners are keen to adopt a click & collect services, there are several factors that may contribute to some store owners’ hesitancy. 1. Complexity of implementation: Setting up a click & collect system could be complex, especially for smaller stores. It often requires